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About Us

Tracy & Trevor have been thinking about Daughter's Pride ring for a while. Tracy first discovered them in High School in the early 90's in eastern Canada. Everyone in her graduating class received a gift from their parents during graduation. Tracy got a birthstone ring from her parents which she cherished deeply. Many of Tracy's friends in her class got a Daughter's Pride Ring. This has stayed with Tracy for years, until she had a daughter of her own in 2011, from that day on, Tracy has wanted to revive the idea of the Daughter's Pride ring, so she has made a ring for our daughter.

Trevor on the other hand had never heard of the Daughter's Pride ring, but knew how to get it set up and create an avenue for the multi-talented Tracy to enable her to produce these rings on a commercial basis and share the concept of family, love & pride for every women.

Trevor & Tracy are Canadians living in Australia with two beautiful children and 2 loving dogs and have set up this company to bring you We hope you love the rings that we specifically make for you and will continue to provide excellent customer service as we make these terrific gifts.

Please be sure to have a play with our custom designed ring builder, and purchase your very own Daughter's Pride ring. If the ring is not for you it is a great gift for any daughter or mother to demonstrate a truly prized possession for their parents.